Hybrid Crochet-Knit
I always look forward to the final hours of the day, when my daughter is in bed asleep, and I can get a spare hour to chill out, sit back and relax…with a knitting project. This is actually a crochet-knit pattern, so a bit easier than knitting, because you don't have to count stitches! (So you can switch off your brain for the evening). As a designer, I always LOVE selecting colours, and the choice of colours in wool are always challenging. Though when I set eyes on these claret flavoured red skeins, I could not resist. It's a beautiful match for my lounge suite, and a warm edition to contrast the coolness of leather.

Usually my crochet projects consist of simple baby blankets intended as gifts for family or friends, but this project was all for me. It still needs edging but it’s plenty to keep me warm in this sudden cold snap. 

There is nothing like snuggling up in your very own, home-made wooly blanket at the end of a tough day. And that's enough reason to inspire everyone into creating their very own crochet-knit blanket. 

I hope this inspires someone out there to try something different with their creative talents.
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