The difference between Brand and logo
It's the feeling you get...
After recently being stuck down with a bad case of the 'gerks' thanks to family day-care and my toddler, it got me thinking... designers can produce a logo OR they can help develop to a brand identity. So my next project was influenced by this idea; to design a graphic that would help illustrate this difference. 

Almost every human being on earth can identify with the feeling you get when your tummy rumbles with the first signs of gastroenteritis. Using this feeling as a platform helped to illustrate the difference between the product (gastro) and the feeling that comes with that product (swirling), hence differentiating the logo and the brand.

I hope this helps some designers explain the difference to their clients to promote full service design. 

Sadly, I don't know how many times I have been bitterly offended by a badly designed logo staring at me from a sad, sad billboard whilst trapped in traffic.

As the unwell feeling subsided, the sketches started. I wanted to give the illustration a motion feeling, and promote it like a product. This contradiction has made the project successful whilst maintaining a level of humour. I have had many people ask now where they can get some.... 
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